CBD and Horses

CBD for Horses

There’s a growing conversation surrounding CBD oil for animals including horses. Many pet owners have questions regarding how an herb can have so many incredible health benefits. Research points to a biological system that's designed to use cannabinoids like CBD to assist in living a healthy life. 

CBD for horses

How the ECS and CBD work for horses

The ECS is neurotransmitter system designed to create hormonal homeostasis or balance. The ECS is made up of cell receptors CB1 & CB2. These receptors are located in the immune system, nervous system and peripheral system. They regulate how you manage five vital functions including, mood, sleep, pain, appetite and memory. An unhealthy ECS can lead to anyone of these vital functions not operating properly. The result could lead to both emotionally and physically health conditions. 

CBD for horse anatomy

Common Horse health conditions 

  • Anxiety 
  • Arthritis
  • Immune 
  • Digestive  
  • Cardiovascular  
  • Allergies and Skin Conditions  
  • Horse in stalls CBD can help with

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